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2008 - Ningbo

- The China Trademark Association and the Alliance for Protection and Promotion of Chinese Famous Trademarks Overseas held the First International Seminar “Global Trademark Protection for Chinese Enterprises Expanding Abroad” in Ningbo, Zhejiang province, on June 26-27, 2008. Our partner, Jose Vega, lectured on "Response Measures to Prior Registrations in Latin American Countries".

2007 - Beijing

- The Alliance for Protection of Chinese Famous Trademarks Overseas was established on December 26, 2007. Their members are owners of famous Chinese trademarks and IP professionals. J. Vega was designated a member of the Board of the Alliance.

2007 - Beijing

- The first International Trademark Forum: Protecting Chinese Trademarks in the Arab, US & Latin American Regions, was organized by the Middle Eastern law firm Abu-Ghazaleh Intellectual Property (AGIP) in conjunction with the Washington-based firm Sughrue Mion and J. Vega
. Our partner, Jose Vega, presented "Panama: China's Intellectual Property Gateway to Latin America".

2003 - Panama

- A comission to prepare a reform proposal to Panama’s Criminal and Procedural Codes and Industrial Property Law (Law 35 of 1996) was established by the authorities, at request of J. Vega, representing Sindicato de Industriales de Panama.

2003 - Panama

- J. Vega participates in the legislative debate of the Law on Industrial Property Criminal Law (Law 1 of 2004).

2002 - Panama

- J. Vega, representing Sindicato de Industriales de Panama, successfully lobbied for the creation of an IP Specialized District Attorney’s Office in Panama.

2000- Guatemala

- J. Vega
successfully coordinated the first seizure of counterfeit goods in Guatemalan ports, applying border measures under the new Intellectual Property Law (Decree-Law 2000). A full 40' container of counterfeit jeans was seized. (Seizure Warrant, J.B. Corporation v. TEXU 2275855, Puerto Quetzal)

1998 - Panama

The first conviction for trademark infringement in Panama’s history under Law 35 of May 1996, is issued in a criminal case filed by J. Vega. After a raid of a department store and seizure of counterfeit shirts, the infringers were indicted and later sentenced to prison, fines, and banned from holding office. The shirts were confiscated and, after removal of trademark labels, assigned to a non profit organization. (Alain Delon Diffusion, S.A. v. U. Moderna, S.A. et al, Fourth Circuit Criminal Court of Panama).

1994 -

- J. Vega represented Sociedad Nacional de Videoclubes in the legislative debate of the Copyright Law.

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