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Plant Variety Application in Panama


Applicable Procedure

  • Botanical taxonomic denomination (Latin and common names); 
  • Proposed name for the variety, or a provisional denomination;
  • Technical description of the variety (one original, three copies) (*);
  • Name, address and citizenship of breeder(s) if other than the applicant(s);
  • Name, address of applicant(s) and citizenship (if an individual) or jurisdiction (if a legal entity);
  • Copy of ID or passport (if breeder/applicant is an individual);
  • If priority is claimed, the UPOV country of filing and the filing date (*) (**);
  • Power of Attorney (*);
  • Assignment document, if applicant is other than the breeder (*).

(*) Spanish translation must be filed along with document
(**) Priority document must be filed not later than three months from application date

This list of requirements does not constitute legal advice and is only provided as general information. Requirements are subject to change without notice, as they may be amended from time to time.

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