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Trademark Application in Panama

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    • Specimen of the mark (*) (**);
    • List of goods or services;
    • International class(es) for which registration is sought;
    • Name and address of applicant;
    • Citizenship (if an individual) or jurisdiction of incorporation and registration number (if a juridical person);
    • Declaration of use or Intent to use (***)
    • Declaration of color(s) and tri-dimensional shape of mark, if applicable (***);
    • Copy of ID or passport (if applicant is an individual); 
    • Priority document, if applicable (***)
    • Power of Attorney (***).

(*) For characters other than Roman characters, please provide translation and transliteration
(**) If literal element(s) is (are) totally or partially in a language other than Spanish, please provide translation
(***) Spanish translation must be filed along with document.

This list of requirements does not constitute legal advice and is only provided as general information. Requirements are subject to change without notice, as they may be amended from time to time.

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